How to make felt.  Wet felting, nuno felting, and felting around a resist are covered in this site.
Felting supplies lists and written instructions go hand in hand with the video tutorials. 

The video segments are divided into small chunks so you can watch just the ones that you need, without sitting through long portions of those you don't.
Use the navigations links on top to get other helpful info on felting, and the links on the left to view the actual videos. videos are free of charge and a donation is not required, but very much appreciated! 


You can also help by purchasing my digital
eBook Nuno Felting Start to Finish for a
detailed how-to guide on nuno felting. 
The cost is $15.99, and it will be an invaluable
reference to you in your nuno felting adventures!




Enjoy the creative and rewarding process of making felt!

- Terri