Hi, I'm Terri Pike and I've been felting for several years now.  I hope you'll find these tutorials helpful and go on to do wonderful things with wool and fiber.

I live in Florida, USA with my husband and two dogs.  It is a very hot climate, so my felting is usually nuno felting.  It is lighter, and much more likely to get used and/or worn here.

I've put a lot of time and effort into making this tutorial site, and I have now released an eBook for $15.99

It is loaded with information and picures on nuno felting that goes way beyond the "basics" video here on the website.  

 If you need more help and insight into nuno felting, I hope you'll consider purchasing it.  It is available in many formats for computers, tablets, and readers.  
Nuno Felting Start to Finish has the same attention to detail that you find here on the site, and I hope that it will be an excellent source of reference for you.



Yes, I do pay monthly fees for the site out of my own pocket, so if you can donate, it would be greatly appreciated, but if you can’t, you can still help by clicking on the Google Ad links on the side of any page.  Be sure to check out my online shop (see below) and tell any interested friends about this site!




Pictures of the workshop I taught in Maine at Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Spring 2012.

A set of photos of some of my nuno felting

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